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Q: What kind of sites are not allowed to be promoted via eMarketingSystems.net Ad Board?

A: Posting an ad that is related to adult content or illegal activities contents such as hacks, software cracks, hate crimes,
terrorist activities, etc will not be accepted.

Q: What are "views"?

A: Views are simply how many times the subject line of your ads have been displayed on a page.

Q: Will I receive emails from other members?

A: No. Only admin contact emails, lost password emails, account reminders... etc.

Q: If I refer others can I get paid?

A: Free members earn 25% commissions on any payments by their referrals and pro members earn 50%.

Q: How do I get paid from referral purchases?

A: There is a withdrawal button in members are that you can transfer money earned to your payment processor account.

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